There has never been more momentum behind esports, gaming & digital, as we are experiencing record growth in user growth & seeing powerful new platforms come online - especially out of Asia.


We feel we are best suited to capitalise on this momentum as we embark upon the industry’s inflection point. We have the experience, reputation, connections, and knowledge that put us in the driver’s seat for success.


Our OBJECTIVE here is to help more brands find their voice & purpose in this sector, and help more properties commercialise their approach to brand partnerships.


Game on.

Esports & Gaming


2.6 billion

Gamers across the globe

$159 billion

Gaming market revenue in 2020


Will pay-to-play on mobile


“There’s never been a better time to be a gamer. With such a hugely passionate and engaged fan base, esports market revenue is projected to reach a mind-snapping $1.7b by the year 2022. Savvy brands are cashing in on this momentum & speaking to a new generation of buyers.”




Market share of gamers from APAC

We have worked with some of the biggest brands in gaming and will continue to innovate & push boundaries as we build new partnerships in the sector.

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