McLaren Racing


Exclusive representation in Asia-Pacific.

The world is getting faster and more integrated. Technology has become a huge competitive differentiator in the world of sports. This is most evident in the world of F1, and McLaren Racing is without doubt leading that race.


At Talisman, we represent McLaren Racing as exclusive consultants in Asia-Pacific. We help the team with new partner acquisitions and commercial strategy for the region.


McLaren stands on the shoulder of giants, and we at Talisman are proud to be sharing this remarkable story of inspiration, bravery and innovation to brands & partners throughout Asia-Pacific and beyond.


Spearheading commercial growth in Asia-Pacific

Talisman’s Founder & Managing Partner, Dharpan Randhawa previously held the role of SVP Partnership Development, APAC for McLaren Racing, and today acts as their exclusive consultant for the Asia-Pacific region. Through Talisman, Dharpan acts as the leading voice for the race team in the region and is tasked with bringing on new partners and overall brand building.

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McLaren Shadow esports inspiring younger generations.

The McLaren Shadow Project is a virtual racing programme that shadows the real-world equivalent. McLaren entered esports in 2017 to explore the performance opportunities that exist at the intersection of gaming and real-world racing. Because, unlike any other sport, the transference of skills between virtual and real racing are both direct and profound.


In Asia-Pacific, this form of racing has been growing exponentially as the race continues to find the region’s next F1 champion.


Please contact us for all opportunities around this program as we will be delighted to to share more details around commercial partnerships.