“Our mission is to use deep learning to uncover strategic insights that may not have been previously achievable.”


Dharpan Randhawa, CEO

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TSM empowers brave, innovative brands and rights holders to thrive in sports, entertainment, and gaming via well-executed partnerships, activations, and data-driven thinking. The agency has disrupted the traditional partnership model to drive measurable value for all stakeholders.

We are a global agency with deep connectivity & experience in Asia.




TST’s proprietary technology platform help teams, leagues, athletes, and sports organizations drive continuous innovation by applying the latest data science and human dexterity to engineer game-changing advantages around sports performance and fan engagement.

Data is always talking, we just need to teach ourselves to listen.

 Led by Experts in the Industry 

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Dharpan Randhawa, CEO of Talisman, is a sports-industry veteran and an expert in marrying global brands to innovative rights holders – forging some of its most successful partnerships and collaborations. A true global citizen, Dharpan has worked for some of the most renowned players across five continents with fluency in multiple languages. As SVP at McLaren Racing, he was responsible for partnership development in APAC, and before, as VP at Lagardère Group (SPORTFIVE), ran various sporting events across Asia.  His expertise makes him a sought-after keynote speaker at highly acclaimed sports and business conferences around the world.


In his pursuit to advance the industry, he continually pushes for greater equality and higher sustainability goals in sports.

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For more than two decades, Adrian Jones has successfully run sales organizations for some of the most well-known and demanding IT organizations globally. During his time at Hewlett Packard, he was responsible for the $12B channel business and led a strong multi-billion dollar organization at Oracle Asia Pacific. His track record includes building large-scale sales teams while growing revenues for the largest Fortune 500 companies at a double-digit growth rate each year. His professional network includes long-standing c-level customer and partner relationships spanning across the globe – from Asia to Europe and the USA.


Jones is currently working in the private equity space and is a board member of several technology companies.

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Chief Data Scientist
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Mary-Ellen is a self-confessed data and algorithm nerd who strongly believes in de-mystifying Machine Learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). For her, ML and AI are at their best when they are enhancing people’s lives. With a background in medical research, statistics, and automation, she has seen the impact of ML and AI across industries and is excited to bring her experience to Talisman.


Mary-Ellen believes that technology should be developed and deployed in collaboration with the people who will be using it. Mary-Ellen is a fanatical sports fan with a deep passion around F1 & motorsports.

“ML and AI are the future of work in this data driven era, but the algorithms need us as much as we need them.” – ME

Together, let's change the game.