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Key Senior Hire Named at Talisman Agency
Jul 18

Talisman Strengthens F1 Dominance in the Americas with Impressive US Growth & Key Senior Hire.

Talisman is delighted to announce the appointment of Sara Cherchia as the newest member of its rapidly growing commercial team.

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney's ownership of Wrexham AFC
Jun 26

A Hollywood Twist in Sports Ownership: Ryan Reynolds & Rob McElhenney's Game-Changing Strategies

Ryan Reynolds, acclaimed for his ability to captivate audiences with compelling narratives, has extended his storytelling prowess into the realm of sports. Together with fellow actor Rob McElhenney, Reynolds made headlines when they acquired Wrexham AFC, an English football club in the fifth division, for $2.5 million. What initially seemed like an unconventional investment in a team with limited prospects of reaching the Premier League transformed into a remarkable success story. This article delves into the journey of Reynolds and McElhenney, exploring how their documentary-style TV show, "Welcome to Wrexham," propelled the club's financial growth, social media popularity, and subsequent entry into the world of Formula 1.

Apr 2

Formula 1 Esports: How the next generation of F1 Stars may come from gaming, not karting

The simplest reason is that most of the time, video games can never fully simulate reality. The best FIFA players in the world would look stupid on a football pitch, for example.But one notable exception is in motorsport, where professional drivers have essentially been playing games (in simulators) to get ready for races for years.

Feb 3

Meet Me In The Metaverse

"Want to meet in the metaverse?”

Feb 3

Why Major Brands Should Consider Naming Rights for Stadiums & Arenas

Naming rights for stadiums and arenas are an increasingly popular way for major brands to increase their visibility, build reputation, and connect with their target audience. These agreements, which see brands paying to have their name associated with a popular sports venue, can provide a range of benefits for both the brand and the stadium owner.

Feb 3

Due Diligence in Sports: Why It Matters

Conducting due diligence is a critical step in the deal structuring phase, and failure to do so can result in significant financial losses, reputation damage, legal issues, poor targeting and missed opportunities.


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