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Feb 3

How a F1 Pitstop Can Be Applied to Measure a Successful Sports Sponsorship

For those who understand the sport of Formula One, will appreciate the art of the pitstop. I don’t use the word ‘art’ very lightly.Why is the pitstop called art?Before we dive deeper into the topic at hand, let’s first better understand exactly why a F1 pitstop is referred to as art by explaining the basics:

Feb 3

A Review On Sports Sanctions In Russia

On 24th of February, 2022 the world changed in a drastic way. That is the day when Russia and Putin fully invaded Ukraine, starting an unnecessary and tragic war due to political differences. Countries around the world including the United States and the UK have created strong sanctions against Russia to help slow down or even create an end to this war.

Feb 3

Part 1: Data-Driven Decision Making During a F1 Race

During a F1 race, teams can generate a large amount of data, which can vary depending on the specific race and the team's data collection methods. However, it is estimated that each car can produce over 1 terabyte of data per race weekend, including video and ancillary information. This data is generated from various sources such as the car's onboard systems, telemetry, sensor data, cameras, and GPS.

McLaren-Racing-Automation-Anywhere-Announce-Formula-1- Partnership
Dec 30

McLaren Racing and Automation Anywhere Announce Formula 1 Partnership

Partnership to drive performance with intelligent automation

Dec 21

Talisman brokers FanDuel TV x ONE Championship Deal

Talisman are thrilled to announce that we have successfully brokered an innovative partnership between ONE Championship and and FanDuel TV. ONE Championship (ONE), the largest martial arts organization in the world, and FanDuel, the premier online gaming company in North America, have inked a new deal that will bring ONE Championship's action-packed martial arts events to the newly launched FanDuel TV network.

Dec 12

AI Augmented Sports Revolution

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing sports and elevating it to a whole new level. While it is true that statistics and quantitative analysis have played a central role in games for a long time, AI is significantly impacting every aspect of sports. Over the last few years, sports have seen a quantum leap in the application of AI, Machine Learning, and advanced data science methodologies. Here I am going to share a few breathtaking advancements in Sports which one would have thought a fairy tale even a decade ago.


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