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Talisman Insights 001: China's Fascination with Messi, F1 Innovating Fashion, Selling to Gen Z


Welcome to 001.

We are delighted to introduce the inaugural edition of Playbook by Talisman, our Insights report where we extend our warmest welcome to our esteemed community of Sports & Entertainment enthusiasts.

At Talisman, our commitment is unwavering. We pledge to be your trusted source of relevance & resourcefulness, and a hub of innovation on this exciting playing field. Our mission is to provide you with insights, events, and stories that not only keep you informed but also actively contribute to shaping the narrative of the Sports & Entertainment world.

Within our Culture Architects section, we explore the pivotal cultural moments that influence our society, guiding the discourse and molding the very fabric of our collective consciousness. It is our privilege to engage in thought-provoking titbits and assist you in navigating the ever-evolving Sports & Entertainment sector.

In each edition, we're dedicated to interviewing influential figures in sports and entertainment who shape the narrative. We'll also keep you updated on marquee events from the past month and those on the horizon. In this edition, we feature a conversation with sports industry expert Tom Fox.

We look forward to keeping you well-informed & delivering ongoing value to your inbox.

Welcome to the Talisman community!


‘Steering the Discourse & Shaping Society’

A$AP Rocky is PUMA and Formula 1’s New Creative Director

  • A$AP Rocky's influence extends beyond fashion to transform F1 and Puma.
  • The collaboration celebrates creativity by merging sports, entertainment, and fashion.

MrBeast x Charlotte Hornets Partnership

Europe wins 44th Ryder Cup in Rome

  • Italy's record-breaking success and social media engagement boosted attention.
  • Attracted younger fans by showcasing the dynamic nature of golf.

Netflix announces ‘Netflix Cup’, first live sporting event

United States Grand Prix in Austin

  • Attracted diverse, enthusiastic audience, especially younger US Formula 1 fans.
  • Blend of racing, celebrity encounters, and live music created a cultural phenomenon.

NFL sees Taylor Swift effect, jersey sales and ratings skyrocket

  • "Taylor Swift effect" - bridged entertainment and sports, drawing diverse audience.
  • Demonstrated celebrity partnerships' impact on shaping pop culture in football.

Drake ties Michael Jackson for most #1 songs by male solo artist

IOC approves 5 new sports for LA 2028

  • Promotes inclusivity and celebrates athletic diversity.
  • Approved sports: Flag Football, Squash, Cricket, Baseball/Softball, Lacrosse.


These cultural milestones exemplify the power of innovative partnerships and the dynamic influence of digital content, collectively weaving a vibrant tapestry of culture. From A$AP Rocky's foray into fashion and the "Netflix Cup's" groundbreaking fusion to the Ryder Cup's record-breaking win in Rome, these moments push the boundaries of what culture can encompass. Artists like Taylor Swift and Drake further bridge music and sports, inspiring a diverse audience and amplifying their impact.

The IOC's embrace of new sports for the LA 2028 Olympics underscores the ever-evolving nature of culture, rooted in inclusivity and diversity. Together, these events paint a picture of a dynamic, interconnected world where culture's potential is limitless, inspiring us to shape the culture of the future through creativity, collaboration, and digital innovation.

Q&A: Tom Fox | Navigating The Evolving Landscape Of Sports Marketing

Tom Fox, a true luminary in the realm of sports marketing, has left an indelible mark on the industry. With a storied career that includes pivotal roles at prestigious organizations such as the NBA, Nike, Gatorade, and renowned football clubs like Arsenal FC and Aston Villa, his journey offers a treasure trove of insights and experiences.

In this exclusive interview, we dive deep into the wisdom he's gathered over the years.


Inter Miami’s Road to China

Why China, you might ask?

The answer is simple: China is a massive market for football. With a population of over 1.4 billion people, it offers unparalleled potential for football growth.

In the ever-evolving landscape of football, certain events manage to captivate the attention of fans worldwide. Lionel Messi's remarkable journey to Inter Miami, a relatively young MLS club, is one such story. His arrival has turned the spotlight onto MLS, and now the league is venturing beyond its borders to reach international fans and elevate its global prominence.


BENEATH THE GLITZ AND SPEED: The Unseen Struggles of Formula 1

It's easy to admire the incredible feats of these athletes as they race at breakneck speeds, but what often goes unnoticed is the immense mental fortitude required to endure the challenges of the sport. The intense focus, the capacity to manage stress, and the ability to make split-second decisions under duress are all essential components of a driver's arsenal.


Catching Some Z’s Is Not Easy

Navigating the Gen Z Attention Landscape

In the ever-evolving landscape of entertainment and sports, capturing the attention of the Gen Z audience has become a paramount challenge. This generation, born between the late 1990s and early 2010s, is distinct in its preferences and behaviors, making it necessary for industries to adapt and innovate. Gen Z finds User-Generated Content (UGC) and video games to be more immersive and enjoyable compared to traditional media, and they claim to feel most connected to a community when engaging with these digital experiences.


Adidas, Messi Celebrate Ballon d’Or Number 8

Shortly following Lionel Messi’s historic eighth Ballon d’Or win, a moment that solidified his status as a football legend, his longtime sponsor, Adidas, unveiled a captivating collection of images. These visuals were a heartwarming tribute to commemorate another remarkable achievement in Messi’s illustrious career. The accompanying caption was profoundly simple yet deeply meaningful, stating,

“Countless memories, eight rings, zero doubt.”

Each of the eight rings that adorned this exclusive set of pictures carried a unique inscription, symbolizing special moments and marking the respective years of Messi’s Ballon d’Or victories. These rings served as tangible testaments to Messi’s extraordinary journey through the world of football, encapsulating the glory, dedication, and determination he has consistently displayed throughout his career.

Adidas, as a brand, has consistently shown its unwavering support for and commitment to its sponsored athletes. In Messi’s case, they left no stone unturned in showcasing their admiration and appreciation for his exceptional talent and achievements. This display of appreciation not only celebrated a phenomenal athlete but also highlighted the strong and enduring partnership between Messi and the renowned sportswear brand, reflecting the shared values of excellence and passion for the beautiful game.

F1 Grand Prix Wrap: October

Qatar Grand Prix

  • Red Bull’s Max Verstappen clinches his 3rd world championship, wins his first race as triple Formula 1 champion
  • McLaren’s Piastri and Norris share the podium in 2nd and 3rd
  • Heat and humidity were a huge factor
  • Williams’ Alex Albon, who led one lap, was taken to the medical center for “acute heat exposure,” while his teammate Logan Sargeant fell victim to “severe dehydration”
  • Alpine’s Ocon was throwing up in his helmet mid race, and Aston Martin’s Stroll was said to have passed out in the car at times due to the grueling heat.
  • Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes’ race was cut short when he collided with his teammate at the first corner and could not continue

U.S. Grand Prix, Austin

  • Verstappen wins 50th race and his 15th of the season, tying his own record from last year
  • He becomes one of 5 drivers to hit the 50 win milestone
  • Mercedes’ Hamilton and Ferrari’s Leclerc were DQ’d for “technical irregularities found on cars during a post race inspection”
  • This decision promoted Lando Norris to 2nd, Carlos Sainz to 3rd
  • Williams driver Logan Sargeant also saw a bump from the disqualifications, promoting him to 10th and making him the first American to record points since Andretti in 1993
  • F1 star Daniel Ricciardo’s first race back on the grid since injuring his hand in August

Mexican Grand Prix

  • Max Verstappen wins his 16th race of the year, breaking his own record set last season
  • He also moves joint fourth on F1’s all-time win list
  • Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc earned podium spots in 2nd and 3rd
  • Lando Norris earned ‘Driver of the Day’ honors, climbed 12 positions during the race
  • Home favorite Sergio Perez retired after colliding with Leclerc at the first corner
  • Daniel Ricciardo recorded his first points since coming back from injury

FINAL WORD: The Month Ahead

As we conclude this inaugural edition of Playbook 001 we cast our eyes towards the month ahead, November 2023, a period brimming with exhilarating sporting events.

From the high-speed excitement of the Rolex São Paulo GP to the NBA's inaugural in-season tournament tipping off, and the iconic New York City Marathon showcasing sheer human determination, there is no shortage of thrilling moments on the horizon.

The NFL Frankfurt Games, the Heineken Las Vegas GP, and the Ethiad Airways Abu Dhabi GP promise to cap off the month with resounding grandeur. We eagerly anticipate the stories, triumphs, and cultural moments that will shape the narrative of sports and entertainment in the weeks to come.

Stay connected with us as we explore this exciting journey together.

Thanks for reading.

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